Craig David ft. Mos Def & Nate Dogg – 7 Days (Kamil Remix)

No matter how much time has passed, there are some songs out there that make you keep coming back to them again and again. Overshadowed by it’s Original the remix of Dj Primo is truly an underrated gem, featuring the coolest hook from Nate Doog and wicked flow of Mos Def. Nevertheless my biggest props go to an artist that I know personally – Craig, thank you for this amazing track. Here is my take on it. And we are all waiting for you to comeback! Peace :)

Noodles – It’s Lit

whaaaaasssss poppin y’all it’s #TsunamiSeason and @kehlanimusic dropped a brand new track off her next mixtape #YSBH today on @thefader. To keep the flame lit I had to make a mini mix to show y’all whats been on my playlist. Enjoy!

SevnthWonder – 1995

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Second track off the Heroic X Rockforce Compilation. Presenting @sevnthwonder! Boston based beat slayer, bringing you the ultimate beat to chill out to and reminisce over the 90′s.