Miesiąc Kwiecień 2016

Les Loups – White Cliffs (feat. Jesse Will)

This release is the next step in the evolution of the ‘Les Loups’-sound, as it’s cautiously exploring soundscapes outside the box without cutting their roots in sampling and electronic dance music. The soothing opener ‘White Cliffs’ features London-based Singer Jesse Will, who left his origin New Zealand a few years ago to settle down as a truly promising artist in the Singer-Songwriter scene of the UK. Driven by his velvet voice, clacking drums and floating chords, ‘White Cliffs’ sketches a blend of pop and electronica. ☛

KRNE x Jupe – Quartzz

SESSIONS, is where I’m going to try and work with as many producers as I have time – no matter what the size or style of music. SESSIONS will serve as an open format label of sorts – a home where I can host these collabs and help promote your work across my community of friends and fans online. Learn more about how it works and follow KRNE on facebook to find out when I’m taking demo submissions. lets make some beats. -KRNE