Miesiąc Czerwiec 2016

i just wanna know

ill probably be updating this over time. i insanely love this track not gonna lie. ive heard it so many times and i just love it. idk it just feels so nice haha. i have some full tracks coming soon but im not sure exactly when to be honest. but yeah i just wanted to share this track/wip/wahtever i reeally like, just something feels complete in this track. releasing tracks like this outta nowhere is usually not a good idea. p sure i wont get any plays and all that but i just wanna share this thing though. and yes, the mixing isnt great, i know haha. but i dont really worry about that. i think this track does the job of just conveying goodness. anyway, thank you for listening. catch yall around <3

vocal = taio cruz – i just wanna know

Wings (Prod. IAmNobodi)

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A CURIOUS TALE OF TRIALS + PERSONS will be released on September 18th 2015.

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Cymba & Victoria Rojas – The Forest

A Place Only You Would Know | @your_secret

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BB (from the album The Bells, out Aug 26 on Studio Barnhus)

Kornél Kovács – The Bells (Studio Barnhus)

2x 12” vinyl / CD / digital / Release: 26.08.2016

A1. Szikra Intro – A2. BB – A3. Dollar Club – B1. Gex – B2. Josey’s Tune – B3. Dance… While The Record Spins – C1. Szív Utca – C2. The Bells – D1. Pop – D2. Urszusz

For the past seven years Kornél Kovács has been busy rocking dancefloors and boomboxes worldwide as one third of Stockholm’s Studio Barnhus alongside Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist. The label and DJ trio is spearheading a new era of fearless Swedish off-centre dance music, straddling the line between the cute and the menacing.

Anticipation for Kovács’ debut album has been rocketing following stand out releases like 2014′s wistful Szikra, last year’s mad party anthem Pantalón on Glasgow’s Numbers imprint and the late night groove of Space Jam on Smallville Records.

On The Bells, Kovács pops open his trunk full of sounds nicked from the lost and found bins of nightclubs all over the world. From the distorted organ chords of BB to the stripped down trancehall beats of Josey’s Tune and Szív Utca and the title track’s cinematic romanticism, it’s all of the bells and all of the whistles – further positioning Kovács as one of the most characteristic producers of modern house music.

The record was completed in an intense two-week session with Kovács’ great friend and studio engineer Matt Karmil in the winter of 2016. Another close friend, artist Malin Gabriella Nordin, has created the album artwork together with her brother Jonas.

Prompted directly by Kovács to give his report on the record, Studio Barnhus label boss Axel Boman had the following to say:

Kornél’s bells will echo far beyond the nervous and trend sensitive ”dance” genre that our label sometimes is associated with, and into pop history. It’s one of our best, most innovative and creative releases to date, and the fact that one of my best friends has managed to do this on the label we share together makes me so proud that I want to cry. ”The Bells” is the reason I dreamed of starting a label in the first place.

Audiobot & Bamiyah – Lies

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Tourist – Run (Lil Silva Remix)

Tourist – Run (Lil Silva Remix)

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Lil Silva
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ViLLAGE – Hey Lover Ft. Inca (EMPT Remix)

<3 Out now on @canvasthelabel <3

ViLLAGE returns in top form with his new single that also marks his first collaboration with a vocalist. Four years after breaking through with his debut EP, Valentin delivers another prime cut of what he’s been getting all the accolades for – a signature recipe of mellow beats, sweet and subtle vocal flourishes and a melody that’s already familiar on your first listen.

„Hey Lover” features Inca on the vocals and four remixes, courtesy of Henry Krinkle, the elusive duo It’s Different, youngster Sybro and fellow crew member and friend Empt.

All five tracks have subtle but different flavours – just like quality frozen yoghurt; ViLLAGE’s classical touch is timeless but the freshness and diversity all three remixers bring to the table is very welcome. The abundance of positive vibes and innovative production is unexpected so it will be hard to pick a favorite. Pro tip: we like to play all four in a row while driving at night.





Universal Music Romania

Moi Je – Profite (Sable Blanc Remix)

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Following the release of Moi Je on Crosswalk late 2015, here comes the Remix EP, including revisited versions of the highly infectious song « Profite » by some of the best upcoming producers of the house/nu-disco scene. After gaining some huge attention on the original track, being playlisted on the TV Show « Le Petit Journal » on french national TV, climbing to the third step of the Hype Machine top 50 and being playlisted on Radio Nova in France, we felt it was time to offer this fantastic release a new treat.

The infamous french Kazy Lambist, laid down his soulful vocals on the single whereas the US based Capyac turned it into a proper banger. Boycott infused his chilled UK vibe in it, and the french new-comer Sable Blanc gave it a sweet house treat.
Our dears AutoReverse took the track « Marche » and gave it their classic synth touch.
Give yourself some shiny disco vibes to get through the winter.

Wantigga – Stonecold Ft. Sacha Vee

Stonecold single taken from Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk EP

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io (Ambassadeurs Remix)

Remix by @Ambassadeurs.

„io is the next album track to be revealed from tsaik’s forthcoming album, Lemon and unlike their recent single tehraj, it’s a more poignant affair. Found sounds, sublime guitar licks, Asian percussion, emotive pads and haunting vocals are just some of the things you’ll discover – all glued together with arpeggiated, glitchy textures and white noise. The result is an ever evolving journey of experimental electronic music that conjures up memories of the organically glorious beats of Bibio, Shlohmo and James Blake at their best leaving the listener comforted and relaxed.”