Miesiąc Październik 2017

D∆WN – Stopwatch

Since her arrival in the spotlight, DAWN has transformed herself into a powerhouse entertainer that flouts the boundaries between music, dance, and style. She has been hailed as “R&B’s coolest outcast” (Billboard), an “all-around visionary” (Boston Globe), and “simply beyond pop music” (NPR). After creating an expansive artistic mythology with her trilogy of albums (GoldenHeart, BlackHeart, and Redemption), DAWN pushes further into the beyond with her new single, “Stopwatch.”

Darius Ft. Wayne Snow – Lost In The Moment

Darius – Lost In The Moment Feat. Wayne Snow // Available now:
Official Video >>>
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New single Lost In The Moment /
Taken from upcoming album UTOPIA, to be out November 24th

Soundcloud :

Thinkin Bout U

This is the last track we’re ever going to release – sung by our friend Lou Lennartsson. The past few years have been amazing and we’re so grateful to everyone we’ve met and everywhere we’ve been. Thank you for partying with us.


James & Conner x

Cassini – Dans Les Nuages

Cassini for bitbird Gouldian Finch #02

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