Miesiąc Listopad 2017

Unforgettable flip (Weekly Draft_2)

„Weekly Draft Series” will spotlight one song for 7 days. afterwards i’ll delete it again from my soundcloud. (mostly edits, unfinished remixes & wip’s)

found this project on my old FL version.
really like the vibes so far… maybe i’ll finish this one someday…
let me know your thoughts in the comments thx :)
also shoutout to everyone for bringing this project to 7k!!

Download for free on The Artist Union

Dawn – Stopwatch (Salva Remix)

Since her arrival in the spotlight, DAWN has transformed herself into a powerhouse entertainer that flouts the boundaries between music, dance, and style. She has been hailed as “R&B’s coolest outcast” (Billboard), an “all-around visionary” (Boston Globe), and “simply beyond pop music” (NPR). After creating an expansive artistic mythology with her trilogy of albums (GoldenHeart, BlackHeart, and Redemption), DAWN pushes further into the beyond with her new single, “Stopwatch.”

Rihanna – Work (Vandalized Cover)

my vandalized cover of Work….enjoy & ↻

Free download for all you beautiful people

NOTE: This is a cover. None of the samples/vocals are by Rihanna

Piano by: Anan den boer
Composition: Ellroy Uyleman, Anan den boer
production: Ellroy Uyleman