Pixelord – Bodø

From the album Places forthcoming march 31,

Places is the culmination of five years of producing as Pixelord for Russian artist Alexy Devyanin (who has gone by Gultskra Artikler, Computer Graphics and other aliases in the past). As Pixelord, he became known for a hip-hop-inspired, broken beat sound over releases for Error Broadcast, Car Crash Set and later, his own Hyperboloid Records, which is also behind Places.

Inspired by all the cities and venues that Devyanin has visited on tour, the record was conceived as a way to conjure and immortalize his memories of these specific places, from the „dry and shaky techno rattle of Berlin” to the „gaudy and vivid drums of Phuket.” The label promises the album is „mellow and lush, yet still rhythmically wild.” Beijing, Moscow and Ottawa are some of the other areas profiled on Places. You can stream LP track „Bodø” below.

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