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Ticklish – One Day Feat. vzns

After putting out an official remix for Machinedrum, collaborations with Dj Paypal and a string of edits (or reboots) of R&B classics, Ticklish releases his first 100% original material in 2014 with the ONE DAY EP, on his own imprint.

Named after the title track with Canadian singer vzns (aka Dj Sadgirl) this 4 track release takes his signature sound, introduced on his Miscom EP (Loose Squares, 2013), to the next level, combining lush synth harmonies and smooth melodies with playful jungle and footwork rhythms – creating sexy atmospheric love songs, with a touch of rave nostalgia, that work equally well in the bedroom, on headphones and in the club.

SevnthWonder – Magic

I hit another mini-milestone earlier this morning. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but I made it to 8,000 followers on Soundcloud, and as a producer that’s never performed anywhere live, or really invested in any promotion, nor have any constant BIG support, this is a special feat for me. As a special thank you, to everyone who’s believed in me, whether you’ve just discovered my sounds recently, or have been following me since I first started my SevnthWonder project in April 2013, this song is dedicated to YOU!

SevnthWonder – All U Need

The past few weeks have been phenomenal! I’ve been given so many amazing opportunities to work with such talented musicians, set up multiple international shows, and I’m finishing up a four-track EP, (titled „All For You”). This Sunday, I wanted to upload a very „Future R&B”/”Future Beats” track to help more define what that genre sounds like… Let me know if you’re feeling the track in the comments!