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Crazy P – Heartbreaker

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Crazy P’s smash hit of the year, Heartbreaker (from their album „When We On”), has been recently put through the remix machine and has delivered us two superfresh rethinks of the heartbreakingly-good original. The album version, in standard Crazy P form, is a deep, emotive disco-darling whose depth and soulfulness is perfectly balanced out with a playful injection of funk and jazzy vocals. Huxley’s remix takes the original and hops it up with garage-infused beats and classic hand-claps. By twisting little snippets of vocals and bouncing them across an über-funky baseline, this remix has dance-floor destruction written all over it. Mark E’s rework takes the original and runs it in the opposite direction as Huxley. After stretching out the rolling baseline into a deep, hypnotic landscape, Mark E layers gauzy, filtered, industrial sounds over the top to build an atmosphere of stark, yet beautifully designed minimalism.

Huxley – I Want You

Huxley’s finest moments may have come in 2012 through his tracks ‚Box Clever’ and ‚Let It Go’. But from what we’ve heard of his debut album ‚Blurred’, he may be about to usurp those achievements.

Released on 20:20 Vision and Hypercolour respectively, the aforementioned tracks showcased the producer’s innate talent of producing heavy-hitting house with a firm focus on the dancefloor and he hasn’t looked back since.

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